Like many of you, I find Powell to be an exceptional place to live and my goal is to maintain the existing services and small-town atmosphere. I believe that successful planning leads to successful execution and while there are many other items that can attract our attention, I aim to focus and prioritize my attention on the following items:
  • Traffic Enhancements and improvements
  • Park at Seldom Seen
  • Economic Development
  • Financial Management

Specifics on each goal:

Traffic Enhancements and improvements

This includes downtown streets, Liberty & Seldom Seen improvements, regional roadways, bike paths, downtown parking, signage, traffic signal at Liberty and Grace, continued annual street maintenance, sidewalk repair, storm sewer & curb inlet repair. When and where possible, we will aim to coordinate our efforts with other surrounding communities and partners. The wide array of improvements will require the City to continually seek feedback from the residents and business community, while developing a funding and prioritization strategy. We will also seek to proactively address long-term transportation needs while balancing our community charm.

Park at Seldom Seen

Continue efforts to build out the phasing, financing, installation and amenities. I am anxious and excited to see this park grow from the ground up, but it’s time for us to get it done.

Economic and Business Development Growth

Development revenue and payroll tax streams help us fund many capital improvements.  We will continue to work on attracting new business ventures that will align with our community and assist in our long-term development. We will also continue to seek development partners that align with our Comprehensive Plan development areas. The efforts may also involve potential annexations and or possible redevelopment. These decisions impact our infrastructure and careful analysis of the benefits is key. Lastly, I would like to see the City add a dedicated Economic Development Director, whose primary focus would be on building business development opportunities within the community.

Financial Management

Continue to closely monitor trends in revenues and expenses and discuss policies to address gaps. Seek means to fund the City’s ongoing capital improvement needs. Assess the impact of future development efforts, do they align with our vision and support our financial future. Each and everyone of us monitors our household finances with a measure of scrutiny and the City is no different.  We must continue to consider the future and assess our position to support the City’s long term growth with continued diligent planning & usage of the City Budget, Bond Packages, Grants and New Development funds.
Powell is a fantastic, growing community with a very bright future.  It’s important for us to maintain our perspective in the eyes of new development and focus on the best interest of our community.  We realize the City is growing rapidly with developers maintaining a high level of interest in our community.  We must keep an eye on smart growth. We must ask questions beyond the obvious to properly assess the affect upon our community. Thus, with the many development possibilities within the City and surrounding area, a mindful approach to zoning and annexation is important.